Homemade gifts to save on money

I am looking for ideas for homemade Christmas gifts. I really need to start thinking about this now so that I can finish everything before next Christmas. I’d love to not spend anything on Christmas, but I know I’ll have to dish out a little money.

I’d like to use any current craft storage that I have. I have a ton of leftover yarn which I can use to make scarves for those that I’ve never made one for (maybe 1 or 2). If anyone has any ideas for me on this, let me know.

I have lots of photos of my little girl. I’m sure I could come up with a nice gift for her aunts/uncles/grandparents using them. Any ideas?

I’m pretty artsy and crafty. If anyone has any ideas for me, I’d certainly welcome them.

Great way to save! Also, for family members, gifts with some thought are much more appreciated than just buying something. There are LOTS of websites with crafts – DLTK kids, Family Fun, Better Homes and Gardens just to name a few. What I usually do is Google an idea – “craft gifts for mom” easter crafts etc and you’ll get a million hits – that’ll give you somewhere to start. There are also ideas on craft stores web sites (michaels, ac moore etc) good luck & happy crafting!