I was wondering if anyone is in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

My husband filed about 1½ years ago for a 5 year plan. They told him they would take into consideration our living expenses before they took out deductions from his check. They really left us barely able to pay our bills each month. Our home mortgage is on a ARM and the interest rate just went up so they called and told him they need to adjust our payment.

Is there anyway to avoid this, it would cause us great financial hardship to have nearly $100 more a month taken away from us. I was also wondering if there are any mortgage companies out there that work with people in a Ch 13 to where we can get a better fixed interest rate.

I am afraid of this one going up again on us in 6 months. We don’t have the equity in our house to pay off the bankruptcy, I just wondered if we can get a lower rate instead of taking money out of the house.