Med Residents and money

This is my opinion:

I just read recently in the Parade Magazine that comes in the Sunday paper, that Medical Residents do make an income during their residencies, and it was around $40,000.

What kinda struck me was that they are making what a new NURSE makes.

AND, what is crazy…for those good nurses out there, like me,…….we are their eyes and ears when they are gone….we have to be assertive with them to get orders to do the right things for our patients, we work our butts off, only to have to deal with a lot of complainy patients and families…..and we get paid peanuts for all the stuff we do.

This is just my opinion, there are some good docs out there that deserve the money. I just wish our salaries were commensurate with all we do. After 8 years in nursing, I am burned out, and definitely do not want to do this for the rest of my life! Albeit, I have a special position at work, and make great money, working only 32 hrs/wk, but I feel all nurses should be making that level of money.

Just a tip, I know sometimes being in the hospital is stressful, and sometimes your care is not up to par….that’s due to mgmt being controlling with their budget, and trying to make us work with more patients than we should…which can be scary, if you have really sick patients. BUT, if you are nice to the nursing staff, that will get you far more better care than being complaint will….the staff will tend to avoid those that cause problems, and are complainy.